Rødby is a small town on the south coast of the island of Lolland in Denmark. Although Rødby is known for the ferry to Puttgarden, the village where the ferry arrives is actually called Rødbyhavn. It is located about two kilometers away from Rødby. Therefore, the ferry is sometimes referred to as the Fehmarn-Robyhavn ferry

Everything about Rødby and Rødbyhavn

Both Rødby and Rødbyhavn are small towns with little to offer in terms of attractions. Rødby still retains an authentic village center, but it is too small to warrant a detour.

If you’re looking for a hearty lunch or dinner, there are some options in Rødbyhavn. This is especially true for pizza lovers, as there are three pizzerias located within 150 meters of each other on the main street (Lazio receives the best reviews). Additionally, you’ll find a Thai restaurant, two bodegas, and an eatery. There is a hotel available near the harbor called Stop’n Sleep.

Rødbyhavn Port Information

The port of Rødby is designed for efficiency, so everything is self-explanatory when you arrive by car. This is also evident in this Video 1. You can expect the following facilities.


Are you curious about things to do around Rødby? You can find information on the website of the Lolland and Falster Tourist Bureau.

If you drive through the entrance gates, you will quickly find a toilet on your left-hand side. You will also find a toilet at the end of the lane where you queue with your car. It is located near the building where you can also purchase drinks and snacks.

You need to be present at the harbor at least 15 minutes before departure.

Ferry Tickets

To obtain tickets at the most economical rate, it is recommended to purchase them in advance through Scandlines’ online service, rather than at the harbor, where an additional charge will be incurred.

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