Information for Puttgarden Rødby ferry passengers.

⇒ A great crossing for travellers to Sjælland, Copenhagen, and Sweden.
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Enjoy the view, a snack, and a drink on board the Puttgarden-Rodby ferry.

This ferry, in short.

For travellers seeking to journey between Germany and Denmark, the Puttgarden-Rødby ferry proves to be an exceedingly convenient route. 

The Puttgarden-Rødby ferry is the shortest crossing between Germany and Denmark, thereby avoiding long distances by road.

Why is this ferry ideal?

The Puttgarden-Rodby ferry takes you on a short crossing to the island group of Lolland, Falster, and Sjaelland, where Copenhagen is located. These islands are interconnected by bridges, and Sjaelland even has a bridge connection to Sweden.

An alternative to the ferry is a long car journey across the mainland of Denmark and a toll bridge. This is considered by many as a much less appealing option.

Continuing travel to Sweden

Travelers to Sweden can use a toll bridge or a ferry after the Puttgarden-Rodby crossing. Both will take you to the Swedish province of Skåne.

Øresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge connects the Danish city of Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö and spans a length of 16 kilometers. The bridge provides travelers with a fast and easy way to reach Sweden.

The Ferry from Denmark to Sweden

Additionally, there is also an option for the Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry. This sails north of the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. The crossing takes about 20 minutes. Ultimately, the choice between the bridge and the ferry depends on the traveler’s preferences. If speed and efficiency are important, the bridge is the better option.

You can order tickets for both the Puttgarden-Rodby ferry and the Øresund Bridge or Helsingor-Helsingborg ferry in a single booking.

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Puttgarden van boven

🇩🇪 Puttgarden | More information about the port

Puttgarden is a village located on the north coast of the German island of Fehmarn. Aside from the ferry port, Puttgarden doesn’t offer many tourist attractions.

The ferry port features extensive facilities, including restaurants, shops, and parking spaces, and there are good train and bus connections to the surrounding towns and villages. In the vicinity of Puttgarden, there are some beautiful beaches and picturesque villages that are worth a visit.

🇩🇰 Rødby | More information about the port

Rødby is a small port town located on the south coast of the Danish island of Lolland. It is mainly known for its ferry connection with Puttgarden in Germany, which serves as an important transportation route between the European mainland and Scandinavia.

In addition to the ferry port, Rødby has a small center with some shops, restaurants, and cafés. The surroundings of Rødby offer beautiful natural areas, including the Nysted Nor marshes and the Maribosøerne lake, both beloved by nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.


It is not mandatory to book in advance, but there is an additional charge of €15 (or approximately £13) for those who purchase tickets at the port. Therefore, it is worth ordering a ticket online in advance.

On this route, you can only choose the operator Scandlines. Tickets are also available through ferry booking websites, but Scandlines itself is generally the most affordable option.

You should be present at least 15 minutes before departure.

It is also possible to purchase ferry tickets at the port. For pedestrians, this is actually the only way to obtain a ticket. However, if you are traveling with a vehicle, it is better to book a ticket online well in advance. Both over the phone and at the port, there is an additional charge of £13