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At Puttgarden-Rødby.nl, we are passionate about travel, adventure, and exploring new areas. Our website was founded with one goal: to provide valuable information and resources for travelers crossing between Puttgarden in Germany and Rødby in Denmark. This is the best connection for many Europeans traveling between Germany and Denmark/Sweden.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler, seeking the best travel tips, or simply curious about this iconic route, we’re here to provide you with essential information in advance.

Our team consists of travel enthusiasts – specifically ferry enthusiasts. We understand the adventurous nature of ferry travel and often see the ferry as a welcome break from the car journey. Enjoying the sea breeze on the deck with a view of the ocean puts almost everyone in a fantastic mood, doesn’t it?

What do we offer on our website?

  • Travel Information: Whether you’re traveling by car, train, or bus, we provide comprehensive information about various transportation options, travel times, rates, and routes. We’re here to assist you at every step of the planning process.
  • Travel Tips: Our insiders share valuable tips and tricks to make the most out of your journey. Whether it’s choosing the best departure times, finding interesting stopovers, or navigating through customs procedures, we’ve got you covered. For example, we’ve discovered that buying your ticket in advance is much better than at the port (saving you €15).
  • Local Guide: Explore the towns of Puttgarden and Rødby. Is there a lot to do? Not really. But we do know where you can score the best pizza! Additionally, the surroundings are very beautiful, and it’s a shame to rush through them. Slow travel is also part of ferry journeys, right?
  • Alternatives: More roads lead to Rome! So maybe a different route fits better into your travel schedule? We also take the time to highlight some good alternatives. You can take a detour through Denmark or perhaps opt for the nearby ferry service (Rostock-Gedser).

Whether you’re in the midst of planning a trip, on the road, or simply interested in this unique route, Puttgarden-Rødby.nl is the ultimate source for information about this crossing.

We are committed to delivering accurate, up-to-date, and useful content to help you create lasting travel memories. Is there something you think we’ve missed? Please let us know so that we can assist other travelers with the right information.

Enjoy your sailing experience on behalf of the Puttgarden-Rødby.nl team!

As a team, we are part of FerryGoGo BV. This is a company with the mission to improve the information provision about ferry routes greatly!

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