The shortest crossing from Germany to Denmark is commonly referred to as the Puttgarden-Rodby Ferry. However, as indicated on our Rodby page, the ferry sails to Rodbyhavn! Puttgarden, on the other hand, is the correct description for the departure port, but it is also sometimes referred to as Fehmarn, after the island on which Puttgarden is located.

In short, Puttgarden-Rodbyhavn or Fehmarn-Rodbyhavn are also used names for this route.

Fehmarn Island

There isn’t much to do on Fehmarn Island itself. However, it does have beautiful sandy beaches, so if you’re looking for that, you’re in luck.

If you want to stay overnight with a camper, you can do so at Camping Puttgarden:

Camping Puttgarden is a great overnight campsite for the ferry to Denmark. In May, we paid €30, including tourist tax, for a night at the Transit Camping Puttgarden. It is within walking distance of the ferry.

Address: Puttgarden, 23769

The ferry itself can be found by following the E47. You will then easily and quickly cross the Femer Belt to Denmark.

Ferry Tickets

To obtain tickets at the most economical rate, it is recommended to purchase them in advance through Scandlines’ online service, rather than at the harbor, where an additional charge will be incurred.

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